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Established in 2002 the face behind Outsourced HR is founder member Maggie Crighton; Outsourced HR has been built on a bedrock of skills and many years of experience in managing successful teams in senior HR roles with pedigree brands such as Debenhams, Hamleys Toys and Edinburgh Woollen Mill where she was Group HR Director.

Maggie is known for her professional and ethical business style which forms the basis of Outsourced HR's philosophy; this together with getting the job done has earned her respect from over 28 different industries. So how has Maggie Crighton and the team at Outsourced HR stayed ahead of their game?

Why should companies want to outsource their HR requirements?

A. The short answer is cost and time but specifically knowledge; ask anyone involved in the financial aspect of a business about the cost of having a dedicated in-house HR function where circumstances dictate it is not warranted and very quickly it can be seen that cost overcomes the profit.

So immediately you are saving the Company or Business money?

A. Yes, but it's not just about saving money it's also about empowering the Company or Business to make the most of their financial resources regarding HR issues in the most productive and profitable way.

You mentioned knowledge, how does engaging an external resource improve the knowledge base?

A. Legislation in general has taken on a life of its own with Employment Law becoming a time bomb and now with more and more employees seeking litigation it has become virtually impossible to be completely dedicated to these issues in-house without it being an extremely costly exercise. Therefore it makes sense to outsource a difficult subject and one where it is seldom straight forward to an organisation whose business it is to be 100% au fait with up to date legislation and to be able to provide accurate, practical and cost effective solutions.

So how does Outsourced HR stay ahead of the game?

A. "Simple, by delivering our clients results"

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