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Welcome to Outsourced HR

Outsourced HR is a Cumbrian based provider of Human Resources and Employment Law Services; our aim is to help businesses through the ever changing minefield of legislation and likewise our mission is to guide businesses through the complexities of Employment Law and all associated HR issues. Throughout our range of services our core values and commitments to our clients remain the same.

"To offer the best service, advice, solutions and value through our highly skilled and knowledgeable team ensuring that our clients are compliant with the law thus reducing risk and cost and at the same time enabling best practice".

Outsourced HR is more than about legal compliance; we are part of a whole business strategy. Client Reviews

Employment Advice

Every year sees increasing amendments to Employment Legislation; is it really worth taking the risk of understanding and implementing these changes? The complex issues of employment could mean leaving the business wide open to costly litigation.


Contracts of Employment

You are legally required to provide a written statement of the terms and conditions of employment. These contracts must be accurate with clear and comprehensive information detailing what is expected of the employee, likewise to protect the business.


Dispute Resolution

Conflict between employer and employee is not unusual; acting impartially can be. Outsourced HR use their skills to diffuse highly charged and emotive situations ensuring correct procedures are followed resulting in the best outcome for business.