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"First class knowledge, skills, training, advice, and support ensuring the business has an exceptional HR function"

Historically, Human Resources evolved from the traditional Personnel Department but these days it is much less about hiring and firing and more about how HR plays a serious and highly skilled role in supporting business operations. HR providers whether in-house or outsourced have to be exceedingly skilled to deal with the complexity of prolific subject matter together with many far reaching consequences.

In fact HR´s place within a company or a business has now become a strategic partner around the table whose brief it is to assist with specific tasks. HR is a highly complex function because it deals with management and not just human issues.

A good HR resource should be more than competent in its skills working in areas such as business reorganisation, introducing bonus schemes, working out share options and forward succession planning.

Likewise, exceptional skills in Employment Legislation are essential, ensuring that the business functions not only within the law but continues to thrive given its investment into people.

Many businesses find that to have a dedicated in-house Hr function is not a cost effective option as often additional specific advice has to be sought from other external professionals which is costly.

Outsourced HR provides options and bespoke solutions tailored to each businesses' needs, these are available as one off or ongoing projects, ad hoc support or monthly maintenance packages.

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